LTB English Club Resumes Its Activities

The Lycée Thuriaf Bantsantsa English club resumed its activities today January 26th, 2013. Around fifteen students attended this first meeting. Mr. Sébastien Nzuzi, the teacher in charge of the English club, had expected many more students.

The meeting started with a self introduction of each of the participants. There were students from Terminale, 1ère, 2nde S2 and 3ème classes. There was even was a girl student from Collège Untel.  The participants were asked to explain the reasons why they had come to the English club. Many explained that their primary goal for coming to the English club was to improve their English. Some said they would like to speak English fluently.

Mr. Sébastien Nzuzi told the participants that an English club is a students’ business. Teachers are there only as supervisors. It is the students who eventually decide on what activities should be conducted in the English club. Nevertheless, the teacher insisted, English club’s activities are different from what they are taught in class. They are not going to have a lesson on “How to Analyze Iconographic Documents” or a lesson on “Relative Clauses”, for example, the teacher said. He also asked them to do their best to speak in English. The English club is an opportunity for them to improve their listening and speaking skills and to get rid of the shyness sometimes noticed in classrooms.

The participants retained the following activities:

1. Speak a maximum in English
2. Invite native speaking guests such American citizens working in Port-Gentil in the oil sector
3. Find pen pals or e-pals for the club’s members
4. Watch videos or movies in English, with subtitles or not
5. Act out plays
6. Organize an “English Day” at Thuriaf Bantsantsa High-School, when everyone will have to express themselves in English
8. Organize Big Challenges (For example “No-French Challenge”, “Boys Vs Girls, etc.)
9. Listen to songs in English, sing them and translate the lyrics
10. Decorate the English Club room with maps, flags, posters, postcards, appropriate objects related to the British or American cultures
11. Invite students from other schools of Port-Gentil to come and participate
12. Play games such as Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit in English
13. Read a subject from a magazine and have a debate on it
14. Have vocabulary activities (For example British English Vs American English)

15. Make a presentation of African or African-American personalities (Nelson Mandela, Patrice Lumumba, Martin Luther King, Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, etc.)

16. Talk about a topic taken from the current news (The war in Mali, for example)

This first meeting ended with the screening of a 10-munite video on how to introduce oneself.

Sébastien NZUZI

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